cut wound paste named TREE PROTECTOR from JAPAN ,cut wound paste,wax,dressing
The feature of TREE PROTECTOR

The pruning cut end and the wounds become excellent points of entry for insects and wood decay microorganisms.
When an injury or break in the bark exposes the underlying wood, bacteria and fungi in the air and on the bark contaminate the wound surface. At the same time, the tree responds to the wound by producing chemical and physical barriers in an attempt to block the invasion of microorganisms and to seal off the damaged area.TREE PROTECTOR can help this tree's physical response. “h•z/3kb

At a small cut end
Then, it is the proposal of the trees protection by TREE PROTECTOR.

We recommend you to protect cut end or wounds with coating by TREE PROTECTOR.

Special film that plays the role of an artificial bark protects trees from noxious insect, bacteria and fungi.

Essential oil of Japanese horseradish,"WASABI", that is resistive to germs and keeps off fungi.

The effective ingredients by patent technology promote forming callus tissue directly.

Since it is not agricultural chemicals, you can use at a public place or any other place

extensive decay by the invasion of bacteria





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